Week 1

Monday – Dual Immersion Kinder Parent Meeting @ 6:00 PM for  an overview  of the Program and Commitment Letter Signing

Tuesday – Your dreary days of summer boredom are over.  Life with purpose and meaning begins anew.   You get a whole half day to prepare your room with the help and support of your servant leaders in the administration.  Let us know any way that we can help so I can send Sylvia down to help 🙂

Wednesday – We will welcome our eager little friends on the blacktop in the morning.  We’ll use chairs with Teacher and Room Number on the back so they can find their new leader. Please come join us on the blacktop early to assist students to find their way.  We’ll have a festive atmosphere as your new friends gather around you to quench their thirst for knowledge and wisdom.   There will be no staff meeting on Wednesday (sorry about that) but I’ll leave a packet o’ data from both last year’s class and your current class.  Please review by Friday.  Part of our staff meeting on Friday will be for you to discuss your goals for 2011-12.  This is a chance to set a lofty vision for your students so that we can provided targeted and specific support.  The three areas for goals should be related to English Learners (how to avoid or remedy Long Term English Learners), authentic literacy, and technology.  More about these on Friday!

Friday – What you’ve all been waiting for!!!  The first staff meeting of the year has arrived so there is no need to wait any longer.  Our purposes for Friday are to: 1.  Discuss needs, strengths, and goals for Long Term English Learners. 2.  Develop school motto based on values we drafted last year.  3.  Share some technology opportunities for innovation at Salt Creek.  4.  Set expectations for teaching and learning and review evaluation procedures.  5. Kick off the year with a bang!


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