A Call for Action

Since last spring, Sylvia and I have been talking and thinking about the direction and course of our school for 2011-12.  Early in the summer, we put up some butcher paper in my office where we were planning on drafting our thoughts about this work.  With several teachers to interview and classes to balance, we never got around to the butcher paper.  Oh, we’ve had man conversations about taking the ideas from the staff last spring and coalescing them into a focused plan.  However, we recently both heard a podcast from Econ Talk (a fantastic podcast on issues from economics, to education, to entrepreneurship) in which the host talked with the author of Strategic Intuition.  He got us thinking about the fact that big ideas come to all of us at the strangest times and he encouraged organizations to foster the spirit of idea generation throughout the day.  (He even indicated that many of our best ideas come when we are asleep – an idea I have always thought had merit).

So to make a long post, longer, the butcher paper is empty.  I’ll be putting up a few ideas to get us started this morning, but I’d like to invite everyone to stop on by to add their thoughts, connect ideas, and build on the thinking of others.  Our goal is to combine the best thinking of everyone to inspire our students.  Together, we can create the kind of school that will draw students back day after day for purposeful and joyful learning.  Please stop on by and pick up a pen today!


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