Great Beginnings

Thank you to everyone for their efforts to produce a smooth and enjoyable first day for all of our students.  What a great group of professionals that make up the Salt Creek staff.  As we walked through the classrooms, we were pleased to see some examples of authentic literacy activities right out of the starting gate.  The 1st grade students In Mr. Fernandes’s and Ms. Vera’s classes were greeted by a letter from last year’s students telling them what to expect in 1st grade.  The students in Mr. Kelly’s and Ms. Dube’s classes were reading and reacting to an article about Harry Potter and the Oscars.  Ms. Pembleton’s students like many others, I’m sure, were preparing to write a persuasive job application in order to secure the most coveted class positions.  I will consistently highlight authentic writing and reading tasks here for others to add to their lists of good ideas.  If you did something along these lines, please share in the comments below.  178.5 more days of fun and exploration to go!


One thought on “Great Beginnings

  1. It’s been a fantastic start of the year all around! I can feel the energy and excitement from both students and adults. Thank you for making Salt Creek such a wonderful place to grow and learn. We feel good….oh we feel so good!

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