iPad mini grant

One of the final gifts of the FLAP grant was a purchase of 15 ipads that we received just last week.  My belief is that this technology will do the most good if is in the hands of teachers who have  a well thought out plan to use the tool to further student engagement and learning.  To that end, we are offering the ipads to the teachers who present the most promising grant application.

Here is the criteria that we will use to select the lead teachers

1.  Clearly articulated use of ipads incorporating the gradual release of responsibility instructional model

2.  Management Plan that defines how ipads will be utilized within the structures of the class.

3.  Student use is primarily producing and creating content, engaging with content on the web, and collaborating within an outside the classroom.

4.  Flexible plan that can incorporate the use of a few to all of the ipads.

4.  Willingness to share what they are learning with their colleagues.

The following links will give you some ideas and apps for starting your thinking:



The grant is due Friday August 5th


4 thoughts on “iPad mini grant

  1. Dan I have a few questions about these ipads. Will they be ours to use for our career here at Salt Creek or just for the year? How important is criteria number 3? What I have in mind is very helpful to students but doesn’t necessarily have students creating content as much as they are engaging in content. Will we be responsible for purchasing docks to charge the ipads? Are there funds to purchase apps? I think that covers all of my question. Thanks – Moller

    • Hello Victoria,

      Great questions – Whoever is awarded the iPads will have control of their use for eternity. That doesn’t mean they can’t share their strategies and tools with others.
      Criteria 3 has three elements a) creating content b) engaging with content c) collaborating. Proposal should have at least one of these elements, but not necessarily all three in one.
      The system for charging the iPads will be controlled centrally. I’ve researched a little and I’ve found that the best scenario is docking (sic) all the iPads to one computer. Beth is working this out. I plan on purchasing a docking station for these 15, so that this process is uniform and clean.
      There are no funds designated for purchasing apps at this time. Teachers can use class funds if they have them and I’ll see about setting aside other monies for the best apps.

      Hope this helps.

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