Assessment Homework

Here is a piece of required reading by next Friday, August 5th. This is a fantastic article on assessment that is a great guide for where we are heading with authentic assessment.  Thanks to Angelica Sandoval for the tip.

Authentic Assessment


Your ILT rep can give you the juicy details for next Friday’s grade level meeting.  Here’s a quote from the article that gives you a flavor of the subject:

The epiphany came during a game, from the mouth of a player. In my increasing frustration, I started yelling, “Give and go!” “Three on two!” “Use it, use it — all the drills we worked on!” At that point, the player stopped dribbling in the middle of the field and yelled back, “I can’t see it now! The other team won’t line up like the drill for me!”

That’s both a clear picture of the problem and the road to the solution: too many sideline drills of an isolated skill, and not enough testing of it; too great a gap between what the simplified drill was teaching and testing and what the performance demands


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