Character Education and Behavior Management

Attached are several documents we used last year for School Rules and Behavior Management.   We can either continue with the same protocols for this year or consider modifications.  Silence means consent.  🙂


Rules Reinforcement

Character Traits

I’d be glad to begin accepting nominations for Monday morning assembly. The character trait for  August is citizenship (Community, Respect Rules, Respect Authority)

Here are the prizes we gave for Gotchas accumulation.  Should we revise this based on our Celebrations Guidelines Proposal?

10 = Extra Recess

20 = Krispy Kreme Donuts

30 = Granola Bar/Juice

40 = Pizza Party


2 thoughts on “Character Education and Behavior Management

  1. Eliminate donuts as reward for earning Gotcha tickets. How about enrichment activities such as 20 minutes of art or music or poetry reading offered by a talented parent volunteer or administrator?

  2. I say eliminate the donuts and replace with the granola bars. And add a Wii party(Dance revolution or Wii sports, ie) for the 40 Gotchas.

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