Local Measures Writing

Update from the District Office:  The end-of-the-year writing benchmark for Local Measures will be in the genre of argument (Common Core Writing Standard).  The Benchmark Sessions will be provided each quarter and you’ll need to send a representative from every grade level to these sessions.  They will be facilitated by Bonnie McGrath.  The schedule is attached.  Please let me know who is representing each grade level.

Schedule 2011.12 with code


2 thoughts on “Local Measures Writing

  1. Since the criteria has now changed for local measures writing, it’d be helpful to have some grade level time devoted toward creating powerful lessons that teach persuasive writing/argument, as our grade level as primarily focused on narrative writing/friendly letter.

    • Without a doubt, Kimberly. Once we get collaboration teachers finalized, everyone will have more time. Lots of discussion and preparation around the argument genre is coming our wayl

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