Birthday Celebrations

Your feedback is requested.  Here is the 1st Draft of the Celebrations Guidelines.  Please respond in the comments with your additions, deletions, and modifications.

Birthday celebrations at school are a great opportunity to share this special day with your friends in class.  We would like to join with your family in celebrating your child’s birthday with his/her classmates by following the following guidelines if you wish to have birthday recognition at school.  You could…

1) Bring a pencil for every child
2) Donate a book in the name of your child
3) Bring a healthy snack such as fruit or vegetable tray

At this time, we are eliminating the food celebrations that include cupcakes, donuts and other junk foods in order to encourage healthy habits.  Please discuss with the teacher a week in advance the particulars of the celebration so that an appropriate time and place can be selected for the recognition.



6 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Looks great, and like the fact that it provides suggestions to food alternatives. Many parents from my class have asked about the birthday protocol – glad we’ll soon establish those guidelines for this school year. Thank you!

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