Writing PD

Here are the results from our poll on writing topics:

Poll Results

We want to kick off our PD on Friday and we will discuss our beliefs around the nine ideas included in the survey, then begin our work around the item with the most votes: Writing Every Day.

If you have ideas, resources, or articles you would like to present on Friday regarding this topic, please notify me directly or in the comments below.



3 thoughts on “Writing PD

  1. An idea would be to split the group into two groups (primary and upper). We would then share out ideas on how we teach writing everyday. Each grade level can explain their process of writing including all elements.
    1. What does scaffolding look like in your grade level?
    2. Model writing (when and how?)
    3. Shared writing (when and how?)
    4. Guided writing (when and how?)
    5. Management of the writing process
    6. How to create join reading and writing together (balanced literacy)

    ~That’s it! :o)

  2. Forgot one more…Also, the roles of both students and teachers can be identified for each component/element of writing. For example, if I am guiding students on how to write an introduction to an essay, then what would be the role of the student during that time. Does that make sense?

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