Collaboration Expectations

Look .... a Thinking Map on Collaboration!

As we begin another year of collaboration I want to make sure all of us have the same expectations and understanding of the purpose of collaboration and the kinds of activities that will benefit our students as we work together as a team.  Please review this document that we have considered in the past before Friday’s staff meeting so we can discuss your thoughts.

Purpose of Collaboration

As we consider these descriptors of effective collaboration, here are a few thoughts:

1.  Focus on products like common lesson plans, authentic writing tasks, assessments and rubrics for grading those assessments.

2.  Generally, divide time looking at data (student writing, products and assessments) with planning and lesson development at 20% data and 40% planning.

Finally please make sure you provide a copy of your agendas the Friday before you meet so that  your grade level teammates can be prepared with what they need to bring and we in the administration can provide resources and ideas to support your aims and goals of collaboration.

Thanks a million.

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