Formative Assessments

'write' photo (c) 2007, Mark - license:

We are relying on the District Math Benchmarks and our own open-ended Language Arts assessment to gauge our student progress this year in Language Arts and Math.

For the District Math Benchmarks, we will be putting all of our results into the OARS system.  Sylvia and I are available to meet with individuals or grade levels who have not done this in the past.  Please include is on your agenda on a Friday grade level meeting or your collaboration time right after administering the test so that we can walk you through this process.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it’s quite simple and it will provide our results in a user-friendly format.

For the Language Arts Assessments, we have started this first quarter with trial and error and experimentation.  Before we begin second semester we will need to formalize the quantity and type of assessments each grade level provides from 2nd to 6th.  To that end, I would like a hard copy of every assessment your grade level has given (even if every member did not take the assessment) and the dates you gave them.  Please add this one agenda item to your collaboration coming up so that we can plan our next steps together.


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