Collaboration Logistics Round 1

We begin our first round of collaboration on Monday.  Here are the names and subject areas of our 5 teachers:

Yvette Lozano – Art

Gloria Miramontes – Art

Sarah Stone – Technology

Kristina Svoronos – Science

Charlyn Loperena – PE

They will pick up your classes at the numbers Monday morning so that you can head directly to collaboration.

Please give yourself 5 minute travel time from collaboration to return to your classroom so that the collab teachers can get out to prep for their next class.

Attached is the schedule for the first three days.  In grades 1, 2, and 3 some teachers are splitting up their classes (like last year).  If you are on that list, please e-mail the names of your students and where they are moving to America Py, Norma Beltran and Maria Ponce so that we can find those students if necessary.

Feel free to let me know of any snafus or problems with the schedule.  I can easily overlook conflicts and would be happy to correct them ahead of time.

Collab Daily Schedules


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