GATE Plans

This year we are going to try a different approach to our GATE program outside the classroom.  We are looking for 4 teachers to run separate programs for each grade level.  You would be paid prep time and face time for your efforts and have some money for  materials.

We would like to start 2nd quarter with the following:

We have $700 for grades 4, 5, and 6 and $400 for 3rd (They aren’t identified until winter)

That money can be divide between materials and teacher pay (Staff Development Rate is approximately $20/hour).

There needs to be a minimum of 5 meetings per quarter (1 hour each).  You will be paid for that hour plus one hour of prep time for every hour of student face time.

Any proposal that has a writing connection will be given higher priority.

Please submit your proposal by Friday, September 9th if you are interested in leading one of these GATE programs.


2 thoughts on “GATE Plans

  1. I would like to teach an after school robotics program during the third quarter. I have sent you an email regarding this. Thanks

  2. I would love to teach technology to students. I can teach students how to create iMovies, podcasts, and webpages using our laptops. Students would have to create scripts and do research before creating any of the above items.

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