Lamenting the Laminator

I’m really into alliteration today!  Our laminator is taking an early Fall Break as the cellophane paper is wrapped around the core tube. Alida has taken away the cord for safe keeping until it gets repaired.  (It turns out the grounding fork from the cord was left in the wall when someone ripped out the cord – probably in haste as the machine began to spit fire and smoke! – wish I would have videotaped that excitement.)  So, based on this scenario, here’s a proposal awaiting your input in the comments.

In order for our laminator to work without harm being done to its users or our beautiful building, Alida and I propose that only fully trained staff have access to the laminator. Please comment below if you have an alternate solution that will keep access to the laminator more open, while insuring that it is used properly and safely.

Thanks for your consideration of this matter.


6 thoughts on “Lamenting the Laminator

  1. The sad thing is, is that it does not take a rocket scientist to use the laminator. I think that you do need to be trained on how to use it, but what about access to the cord? In the past, Alida has kept it, and it makes it hard to use it when we have a few minutes to use it. Is there a way to keep the cord somewhere that is easily accessible for those that know how to use it?

    • The problem with having “a few minutes” to laminate is that it takes 30 minutes for the laminator to reach the proper temperature to perform properly….

      Also, although there is a speed setting on the machine, it should not be made to run faster than medium as the film we use needs sufficient time under the rollers to adhere properly, so adjusting this setting to complete laminating in “a few minutes” is also not a good idea…

  2. I would like to suggest soliciting the help of well-trained parents. I also believe laminating multiple items at one time is better than laminating one item at a time. Heating and reheating tire the machine. I suggest people not laminate if you only have an item. I know: two issues!

  3. Proper training is a good idea, however will there ongoing and/or multiple “training” sessions for all the teachers and parents who must be trained prior to using it? Can we train all the teachers at once?

  4. Yes, parents as well. A system that worked very well in the past was for each grade level to have a designated laminator. This parent would let the grade level know what day he/she would be laminating and it was then the responsibility of the teacher to have what was wanted to be laminated ready at this time. It also allowed me to immeiately recognize the parents when they asked for the laminator cord so that I was sure they were trained.

    Also, as pointed out, laminating is not rocket science. Further, there were printed directions next to the laminator (I am making them even more simple), but apparently some people either cannot or will not read and follow directions. I do not know whether language is an issue, but if someone who is more proficient than I would be willing to translate the directions into Spanish, perhaps this potential pitfall can be avoided…

    I am more than willing to train teachers anytime that can be arranged. Dan has also suggested making a short training video that can be viewed when convenient.

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