Making Good Choices

I just met with our noon duties and shared with them some concerns that students expressed regarding supervision procedures during lunch. Most students suggested that noon duties be more strict and have consequences for students that do not make good choices. We discussed a plan to address these issues which includes having noon duties make use of our Behavior Slip more consistently.

However, on another note, they also expressed their concerns about student responsibility and behavior while students eat their lunch. It appears that when they arrive at 11:00, they continuously find the tables looking like the pictures you see here. This is a picture from today after recess. How can we ensure that students are held accountable for their trash and stacking of trays during recess?

Also, it seems that upper grade specifically 5th and 6th graders are still not showing self-discipline when they are at the lunch tables. Lunch supervisors from each class are not taking their responsibility seriously and are not helping out their class. I expect upper graders to be the role models for the younger children and truly take pride of their school by maintaining it clean.

So I ask for your input and suggestions in order to best address these issues.

Thank you!


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