Birthday Celebration Procedures

Our new policy will take affect on day one of 2nd quarter.  After reviewing parent and staff comments as well as our district Wellness Policy, we have settled on the following guidelines for birthday celebrations at Salt Creek.  Thanks to everyone for voicing their opinions and ideas.

Birthday celebrations at school are a great opportunity to share this special day with your classmates. We would like to join with your family in celebrating your child’s birthday with his/her classmates by following these guidelines:

If you wish to have birthday recognition at school please contact your child’s teacher one week in advance to plan a celebration that can include any of the following:

1) Bring a healthy snack such as:

Fresh fruit, dried fruits, or veggies

100% frozen juice or fruit bars

Low-fat bakery items

Pretzels, popcorn (air) or Goldfish crackers

Bottled Water or 100% fruit juice

2) Bring books or crayons, fun pencils, notepads, rulers, or stickers for every child.

3) Donate a book to the school library in your child’s name

4) Invite an interesting guest to speak to your child’s classroom

At this time, we are eliminating the food celebrations that include cupcakes, donuts and other junk foods in order to encourage healthy habits.

Please discuss with the teacher a week in advance the particulars of the celebration so that an appropriate time and place can be selected for the recognition.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Procedures

  1. I am thrilled about this new policy at Salt Creek and hope the parents will be as well. There are many options and a clear time frame. Kudos to the teachers who worked hard to prepare this plan because I know there have been heated discussions on both sides (teachers and parents, since I’m both at SC!).

  2. Yippee! Now if anyone shows up with Krispy Kremes, just send them to the office where Maria, America, Norma and I will make them go away…..

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