Shared Writing Criteria

Here is the criteria that we developed for Share Writing Lessons:

Shared Writing Practices

Choose a meaningful topic by teacher or collaboratively with class

Discuss why you are writing and articulate the audience

Brainstorm possibilities for content

Write a title at the beginning or later

Get started immediately.  Ask or suggest a beginning

Say the words as you write them

Shape students’ language.  Accept and revise later

Move along quickly so students stay engaged

10-15 minutes MAX

Focus on meaningful language and logical sequence (content not conventions)

Look for all students to participate for high engagement

Stop and reread to: 1) decide what to write next 2) hear what you’ve already written 3) make changes that clarify and strengthen the text

Demonstrate the crafts of writing that you want your students to use

Point to the words as you read so students can follow along easily

PDF Version: Shared Writing Practices


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