The Crack Heard ‘Round the School

CRACK!  That nauseating sound alerted me to my comrade’s distress.  I quickly ran to see the grotesque ankle of Mr. Kriss tweaked at an obtuse angle and I figured this wasn’t the best way to illustrate geometric shapes.

“Oh *!?!@”, thought Mr. Kriss, as he instantly lamented his disappearing summer vacation to the Sequoias.

Ms. Givens corralled the student and parents to avoid the roadkill scene.  Doggon LookyLoos!

The staff paparazzi clicked their photos shamelessly, while considering the proper timing for Facebook etiquette of such a ghastly scene.

“Mr Kriss broke his leg”, shrieked the children through the halls.

The cinematic spectacular, “Kung Fu Panda” was interrupted by the blablablabla texting.

News of mighty Mr. Kriss’s dilemma reached the district through e-mail and Ms. Allinger shared the morbid news with staff as they headed to break.

One and all came to grips with the excruciating painful news that their beloved colleague was down for the count, but definitely not out!!!

While thoughts of Karla and the girls filled most heads, some had a more personal response to the tragedy.  “Better him than me,” exclaimed the thoughtless, nameless crowd.  Hopefully such selfish musings won’t lead to some Karma and a CRACK of their own some day …


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