Friday Staff Meeting Preparation

'UF00034628' photo (c) 2006, UF Digital Collections - license: Items included: Please read carefully before Friday.

Friday we will continue our work around writing instruction with a focus on time for writing, determining the criteria for published work, and scheduling modeled writing observations.  Here are our tasks for Friday:

1.  Please review this file with the minimum minutes of writing instruction in grades 1-6 (Kinder didn’t have a collaboration – we’ll add their minutes Friday.  At the meeting we will discuss what our minimum number of minutes for each grade level should be and how to get every teacher to implement those minimum minutes into their current daily schedules.

Writing Minutes

2.  Please bring a copy of student writing from your strongest English Learner and non-English Learner.  These will be used to help us create criteria for published student work.

3.  Please review this chart for peer observations.  Your grade level will need to pick a 15 minute specific time on the selected day and time block where you are to be observed.  Every teacher in that grade level will need to do a shared writing lesson of 10-15 minutes during that time to be observed by one of your colleagues during their collaboration.

Date and Time Frame Being Observed Observer
October 17 AM 4th 6th
October 17 PM 5th 4th
October 18 AM Kindergarten 3rd
October 18 PM 2nd 1st
October 19 TBA 3rd (3 teachers) Kindergarten (3 teachers)
October 19 TBA 3rd (3 teachers) Kindergarten (3 teachers)
October 24 AM 6th 5th
October 24 PM 1st 2nd

The purpose of the observation is to learn from one another by giving constructive feedback to the observed teacher related to shared writing instruction.  We will also have the added benefit of observing great practices in classrooms where we don’t normally have time to observe.   Friday we will nail down the times and protocols for the observation and spend some time practicing a coaching conversation with peers.

Feel free to put your questions in the comments below so everyone can follow the clarifications.  Thanks a million.


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