Writing Minutes and Publishable Criteria

Thanks for the great discussion and thinking at Friday’s staff meeting.  We were able to come to agreement on the minimum number of minutes for Writing instruction at each grade level.  We decided that Kindergarten would have a minimum of 30 minutes of writing instruction and Grades 1-6 would have a minimum of 60 minutes of writing instruction.  It was agreed that those 60 minutes would include a solid 45 minutes of Writers’ Workshop and potentially 15 minutes of writing embedded in other parts of the instructional day.

Here is the combined criteria for publishable work we came up with Friday.  Feel free to suggest any additions or deletions in the comments below.

 Publishable Work

  1. Engages the reader (intriguing hook).
  2. Contains voice (where appropriate) passionate ?elicits emotion?
  3. Includes details (show don’t tell) descriptive, sensory details
  4. Well organized
  5. Uses varied vocabulary
  6. Includes smooth transitions
  7. Shows evidence of effort including revision and editing.
  8. Legible (neat writing or typed)
  9. Convention errors don’t interfere with meaning or are minimal distraction
  10. Shows progress on  a continuum
  11. Stays on topic/follows the prompt/genre

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