Grade Level Collaboration Topics

I’d like two updates to be shared briefly at today’s grade level meetings:

1.  Teachers who attended the writing session with Bonnie McGrath please share the big takeaways related to the Common Core Writing – We’ll also devote a few minutes on Friday, November 18  to this.

2.  ILT will share our next steps developed from yesterdays’ ILT meeting.  Here is the skeleton of the plan.  The ILT can fill in the details.

Friday November 18 – Meet with Partners at Staff Meeting to discuss next round of observations and decide the focus of the observation of Shared Writing

Collaboration Round 3 (Nov 28, 29, Dec 5) – Hold next round of observations

Friday, December 9 – Hold debrief meeting on observation.  Look at Student Work generated from Shared and Modeled Writing lessons to determine our next steps.

ILT member can also share the “Close Reading” strategy at grade level as it is a powerful and simple way to teach reading comprehension that connects well with our goal to teach close reading of engaging texts.

Have a great Friday!!!


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