Money News

You may recall our discussion several Fridays ago around grade level fundraising.  In light of that conversation, I have decided the following:

There will be no grade level fundraising (with the exception of 6th grade because of camp), therefore Kindergarten popsicle sales will terminate at the end of this week.  Clubs such as Student Council, Safety Patrol, and Peace Patrol, can do limited fundraising with Principal prior approval.

OK, now the good news.  I mentioned the success of PTG fundraising and they indeed are ahead of their projected fundraising targets for the year.  Therefore, they are willing and eager to consider requests for “Sponsorship” Grants.  These grants can be used to support some of the major grade level or even schoolwide projects that grade levels have been thinking about.  They are developing a few criteria for these grants, the first of which will be that the money is used for the greatest amount of people.  I’ll ask them to publish the full criteria once they are completed.

The procedures to obtain funding approval are:

1.  Obtain a PTG Sponsorship Form from the health office.

2.  E-mail PTG immediately with your request to get on their next Board Agenda.

3.  Wait for Board Meeting approval and spend away.

This money includes but is not limited to a second field trip.  Please adhere to the following guidelines and Board Policies related to field trips.

Field Trip Guidelines

Please thank and acknowledge the PTG for their tireless efforts to raise funds and create memorable experiences for our school community.


2 thoughts on “Money News

  1. I would like to know how to request funds for budgets that are already established. For example, there is $250.00 noted for our robotics team this year. How, can I access those funds for our team?

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