Some Homework on Homework

The need for a schoolwide policy on homework is stronger than ever.  I’d like to begin the discussion on this topic with the intent of having a written policy by the end of 2nd quarter.  Here are a few resources to get us started.

Robert Marzano: The Case for and Against Homework

Better Homework per Brain Research

School Eliminates Homework in Favor of Free Reading


Math Achievement increases, but other areas show no growth



Here’s the entire Eren and Henderson study mentioned in the above article if you’re really ambitious.

Doug Fisher recently shared a few of his suggestions for  the type of homework that is beneficial:

Fluency, Flash Cards, Sight Words, Math Facts, Wide Reading, Application, Spiral Review.

And one potential pitfall: Giving today’s work for tonight’s homework insures many students will practice a permanent error pattern.

Feel free to share other resources in the comments below.  We’ll discuss this in a future staff meeting and eventually write a homework policy for grades K-6


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