Running Records Due

This bottom portion of this post is from our Assessment Calendar which was posted in July and now is a good time to revisit our Running Records.  Everyone did an initial Running Record and you should have completed a second running record by October (and more frequently for students who are below grade level).  Please provide me your students’ most current running record by Friday, November 18.  Please include the following:

Name, Grade, Book Level, Accuracy %, Fluency, and Comprehension % and Date of Assessment.

This list should be your entire class, including RSP students. You can simply indicate the grade level to which they have attained an instructional level.

Running Records

Purpose: To obtain from individual students their reading strengths and weaknesses as well as their reading habits, likes, and dislikes.  The assessment should provide data on students’ accuracy, fluency, and comprehension on the text that they can read at the instructional level (defined as a level that they can read at least 90% accuracy, and 80% comprehension.

Frequency:  In the early primary grades students should be assessed every 4-6 weeks as they tend to make significant progress across the many levels of text.

When students reach DRA level 28 or Results beginning 3rd grade they should be assessed 4 times a year:

July, October, January, May (LM)

Students who are below grade level or who have not achieved the fluency benchmark described above (10 words above end of year) should be assessed every 4-6 weeks.

At grade level students can be assessed in a more informal and efficient manner.  You can have students read a brief selection from their independent reading selection and focus on comprehension and higher order thinking skills.

I will collect from everyone after two weeks (August 3) your results from your initial Running Records.  Once again, we’ll discuss on Friday to answer any questions you might have.


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