PD Possibilities to Date

Her are some of the possible directions we are all considering at this time.  Weigh in with your comments below.  Brainstorming means there are no bad ideas.

Gloria McKearney from Olympic View is trying to contact Clarissa Rojas who has worked with CRLP and/or resource teachers who could provide coaching for writing strategies for English Learners.

I have contacted the San Diego Area Writing Project and they can do onsite PD.  They have a 5-session course that focuses on using Mentor Texts to teach students to read like a writer.  I’ll be getting some more details by talking with their director, Kim Douillard, tomorrow.

Rick Hanks from Hedenkamp has made contact with Ruth Culham who works with Scholastic.  She focuses on writing instruction using the Six Traits and she has connections within Scholastic to help us focus on English Learners. We are setting up a conference call with Ruth next week to get more information on how she might be able to work with us.

High Tech High offers professional development around topics like Project Based Learning 101, Improving the Quality of Student work through Critique and Revision, Using Video to Inform Practice and Guide Collegial Coaching, and Using Protocols to Structure Conversations About Teaching and Learning.


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