Updates for November

Welcome back from a lengthy Veteran’s Day Weekend.   Some big news items are on the horizon.

Mrs. Sylvia Echeverria is returning from her honeymoon from the lovely Bay Area.  I’m sure she’ll show you a couple hundred pictures from the wedding if you show the slightest interest.

The Read A Thon will be completed this week.  Please look for communication from the PTG about collections.  The Book Swap was a huge success.

I’ll be meeting with Principals from our cohort to make final decisions on the Professional Development options you saw last week.  We are leaning toward working with Sarah Culham and The San Diego Writing Project.  Either way, we should be getting an infusion of new ideas and support for our work around quality writing instruction.

Our Superintendent is visiting on Monday, November 28.  Here’s a question I’d like you to ponder and share your thoughts in the comments below.  What evidence should visitors see to highlight our focus on writing and English Learners support?

Have a great week and don’t forget to exercise so you can eat your heart out on Thanksgiving guilt free.


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