Engagement Tips

This is from the work of Kevin Feldman from the Sonoma County Office of Ed These are very simple strategies to use to keep that student engagement hopping

Structured Engagement “tool kit”: Ensure ALL Are Responding
1) Choral Responses -pronounce it together – teacher cues students to respond (e.g. hand signal, voice, eyes) – physical responses too; fingers under the word, chart, picture

2) Partner Responses – teacher assigns – provide a role “1’s tell 2’s” – alternate ranking (high with middle, middle with lower) – thoughtful questions prompts up & down Bloom’s taxonomy

3) Written Responses – focused prompts increase thinking, accountability, focus – structure academic language (e.g. sentence starters)

4) Individual Responses (AFTER rehearsal practice) – randomly call on individuals, use “public voices” – complete sentences, using new vocabulary

We need to reconsider the strategic use of sentence frames and keep expectations high for academic discourse, especially for the students who work hard at staying off the radar.


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