Friday Grade Level and LAS Links

Our goal is for every English Learner to grow one year on the CELDT from July 2011 to July 2012, therefore, we want to continue the conversation around the progress of our students in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.  In order to facilitate your discussion, we are providing the following for your Grade Level meeting:

1. LAS Link student test booklets to review student work  (Please make sure you return ALL testing booklets and materials to Mrs. Sylvia at the end of your meeting 🙂

2. One copy of LAS Links Teacher Directions per grade level

3. OARS benchmark report by class

4. Individual Student Detail Report from Imagine Learning

Here are some guiding questions to help focus your conversation:

Review the expectations of the test and student answers and discuss:

What are the implications for good classroom practices that support student learning in   listening, speaking, reading, and writing?

For individuals
What are each student’s greatest areas of need?

How do you design the instruction to support that child in these areas of need throughout the day?


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