Writing Samples

Greetings to all!

It is such a joy to walk into the office and see student work up on the walls. It reminds me of why we are here and what great writers we are fostering here at Salt Creek. Students and parents have been seen reading through the samples and making very positive comments. As we continue to nurture our culture of writing here at Salt Creek we would like your input on how to showcase student work more efficiently.

For all future work we are requesting the following:

  1. Student Name
  2. Teacher Name
  3. Grade Level

This will make it easy to return to its owner. Our biggest challenge is maintaining the work as current as possible and being able to take down and put up work in a seamless manner. For the first display, Dan and I went around and collected samples, students came to office to share their work, or some of you delivered samples to us. I then posted the work in the office or in the auditorium. So now where do we go from here? We would love your ideas on how to maintain our Salt Creek writing gallery.

Also, glass display boards are here!! Yes, we will be able to showcase even more student writing. Each display case is located at the end of every building…the 700 building gets their very own too! We would like to get your input about how to make sure that every classroom in that building gets an opportunity to display work and what criteria to follow. We would like to see a change in display at least every month. So what are your thoughts? Please share so that everyone can have input and we can brainstorm the best course of action. Thanks so much!



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