Ruth Culham Lessons

Many of you were able to observe a lesson or two by Ruth Culham.  We have videotaped all the lessons for future viewing in grade level teams.  I have also included the lesson plans and auxiliary materials for all the lessons here.  Although these lessons were done with specific grade levels, many can be adapted to fit a wide span of grade levels.

Kindergarten: Word Choice Lesson

1st Grade: Sentence Fluency Lesson

4th Grade: Sentence Fluency

5th Grade: OrganizationSupport Materials

6th Grade: Sentence Fluency LessonSupport Materials

Each teacher will also be receiving a grade level text with strategies on using the 6 Traits.



One thought on “Ruth Culham Lessons

  1. Thanks! I was hoping to get my hands on this. I think that the lesson that we observed in fourth grade would be great for Yuna to use to start building sentences of her own.

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