Sydney Center for Innovation and Learning

SCIL: Spaces to learn from SCIL on Vimeo.

One of my goals is to reconfigure our current library/computer lab.  What are your thoughts about how to use that space in a more creative way?


2 thoughts on “Sydney Center for Innovation and Learning

  1. Having a “Media Center” where the bookshelves and computers are interspersed would change the way things are now, but while there would be some negative impacts, I feel as though there would be more positive results.

    While there would still be designated Library and Computer times for each class,

    on the NEGATIVE side:
    1.No stories could be read during “Library” time (but everyone reads to their kids in the classroom, so…)

    2.It would be difficult (and perhaps impossible) to teach lessons during “Computer Lab” time – instructions would probably either need to be kept to a minimum or given in advance of arrival in the Media Center (or developed as an on-line tutorial?)

    But on the POSITIVE side:
    1.Since no stories are being read in the “Library”, other students coming into the “Library” would not be disruptive. Therefore teachers could send students who have finished books and need to exchange them, who need to exchange books that were missing at their designated time, who missed their designated time due to illness or services pull-out, etc. to the Library ANYTIME to do this (with the exception of the Library Media Tech(s)’ break and lunch times). Students could also come to the Library during their recess or lunch times with a pass from the classroom teacher (with the already given caveat).

    2.Since the “Computer Lab” would no longer be a separate “classroom” needing teacher supervision, students could come to the Media Center before and/or (hopefully) after school to use the computers for Imagine Learning, Math games, etc (with the exception of AR quizzes which should still be taken in the classroom with teacher monitoring). Teachers could also send students to use computers during K-3 designated “Computer Lab” times as not all of the computers would be in use at those times.

    3.Opening the space would also allow for additional “Library” shelving which is sorely needed as the collection approaches the size it should be to serve a school population of over 1000 students (currently there are just over 17,000 student books and there should be 20-21,000 to meet the minimum recommended state ratio of 20:1).

    4.Opening the space would provide students easier access to the “Library” shelves.

    5.Opening the space would allow for more “Library” wall space that would facilitate more appropriate signage to provide students greater ease in locating the books they want to read or need for curriculum support.

    These are just some things that spring immediately to mind, others may occur as time passes!

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