Salt Creek Response to Literature

Before Winter Break, the ILT had a pull-out day and one of our goals was to get the entire student body to write a response to the same question using  texts that are similar across the grade level.  Every grade level informed me of their text choice and we have attempted to order those texts (more on that later).  These assessments will be administered this week as we will be looking at this student work on Friday.  The purposes of these assessments are

1.  Gauge our students strengths and weaknesses to inform future instruction.

2.  Observe the increasing complexity of student thought and writing from Kinder to 6th grade. and discuss implications of what students can do in every grade level.

The prompt will be:

How does the character show responsibility?

Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.

Here is the status of the book orders.

Arthur’s Pet Business (K -2) – ordered and should arrive early this week

Pedrito’s Day (3rd) – only 1 copy available from local libraries – 3rd grade will have to change books or help develop a new plan

Berenstain Bears English (4th) – ordered and should arrive early this week

Berenstain Bears Spanish (4th) – I will pick up Monday from various libraries in SD

Salt Boy – Unable to Order – awaiting word on replacement text

Passage to Freedom – in text and available



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