Principal Meeting

I’ll be live blogging what I’m learning at the Principal meeting this morning. Thought you might like to share in the fun!!

8:35 Continuously Looking at Student Work (LASW) is the best way to determine what students have learned, what they still need to learn, and what we need to teach next.

We will be more successful when teachers can look at the products of PGW, notice the lack of rigor and take action to correct.

8:25 Doug is giving us Principals some homework. We will collect data through walkthroughs on what you are seeing for group work and productive group work and how does it link to the independent tasks students are doing at school and at home.

8:15. Student accountability is established through purpose

8:00 money quotes “12 years ago we made school easier and expected less of kids.” Think, pair, share- sharing is overdone. Use this strategy to Allow students to clarify their thinking with a partner, but it to share with the whole class.

Students doing homework that they don’t know how to do is HARMFUL.

Proper goals of good homework

Fluency building – READ A LOT, Math Facts for automaticity, writing

Application Homework -apply work for which there is no exact right answer. Write explanations for math problems they already got right

Spiral Review


Individual student helping done whole class can be a waste I’d time.

7:50 – PGW must have a product so that teachers can determine what students know how to do and what are their patterns of errors. This data should trigger guided instruction. No need to wait for a benchmark test.

7:30. Looking at difference between group work and productive group work.
Examples of excellent group work are…
Turn to Your Neighbor and…
Opinion Stations
Think Pair Square
Novel Ideals Only

Conversation Roundtable
Numbered HeadsTogether
Literature Circles
Collaborative Strategic Reading
Reciprocal Teaching
Walking Review
Collaborative Poster
Peer Response

Group work is a great way to clarify ideas and design academic conversations, and PGW is where we hold individual students accountable.

7:15 watching classroom video from Arkansas

Excellent teacher modeling and student product with vocabulary, however objective of the lesson did not match the activity. Alignment of purpose and activity are critical.

7:05 Doug Fisher starts with a question:

Where is student accountability in the GRR?

Teachers need to be explicit about student role in each phase of the GRR.



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