This picture reminded me of me except for the muscles!

Some of you are aware that I tweaked my back last Friday loading 6th grade luggage. Well, it turns out, I did a really doozy on myself.  I’m now off work through March 8. Sylvia is ably filling in for all the  duties that need attention.  Special Kudos to the office staff, parent volunteers, teacher helpers, and especially Sylvia for a fantastic job on Registration day.  We registered 93 new Kindergarteners and 107 new students overall, in the midst of a media blitz.  I must give Sylvia special recognition for showing up at 5:00 AM yesterday to hand out tickets to our registering families, fielding questions and hosting various media outlets, racing over to facilitate an IlT meeting in the afternoon and coming back to school to host our Reclassified English learner families for a brief celebration at 6:00 PM.  We are fortunate to have such a dynamic and skilled leader to make everything work smoothly.  Looking forward to a speedy recovery and hoping for an earlier return date than next Thursday.  Please call me if you have any questions as I’m at home with time on my hands. 920-1748




One thought on “Sabbatical

  1. I hope you’ve been obeying the doctor’s orders! Take care of yourself and don’t worry about anything! 🙂

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