Help Needed

Thank you all for your participation during our Friday Safety Exercise. The activity brought  things into perspective and helped us think about our responsibilities during an emergency. Be assured that Safety Committee will debrief and plan next steps to ensure that we are ready for any emergency.

In the meantime, I would like to ask for some assistance from any of you who are available and willing to spare 15 minutes after school. As you know the parking lot is always a safety hazard. We are so lucky to have a very committed group of parents who volunteer their time every morning to help with morning traffic. However, the afternoon dismissal is still a challenge. We have issues in each of the aisles where some parents still pick up students and many are still walking through cars without using the  cross walk. If we can get a few of you out there with orange vests standing in each aisle and on the sidewalk reminding parents of the rules I think we can bring awareness and help make our parking lot a little safer. My plan would be to do it Monday through Wednesday this week. I think it can make a difference. So if you are interested please report to the office at 2:46. Thanks!


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