Running Record Collection

At the outset of the year, I had requested running records in July, October, January, and May (LM).  Turns out we actually have followed a timeline more like August, December March and May.

To that end I would like a class set of running record data before you all leave on Spring Break.  Grades K and 1 can use the same data collection tool that they have been using. It’s quite comprehensive and complete.  For Grades 2-6,  I’ll be providing and Excel sheet with conditional formatting that will make it easy for us to see students below, at, and above grade level.  I’ll have that data collection tool ready for each grade level by the end of this week.  It will include your entire class and you’ll simply need to add accuracy, fluency, comprehension and comments where appropriate.  Please let me know if you have any questions or better ideas in this regard. Thanks in advance and keep that goof perspective during the cray season of conferences, report cards, and assemblies.  Finally, be sure to plan something completely fun and relaxing during sp , ring break.  It is much deserved by one and all.


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