Birthday Celebrations

Howdy Teachers,

It appears that donuts and other unhealthy snacks are making their way back into our birthday celebrations.  We are working hard to head them off at the pass in the office and we appreciate your work in reminding and educating parents on our policy.  I have re-posted this on our school website and added it here for you as well.  Enjoy this beautiful Sunday!


Birthday celebrations at school are a great opportunity to share this special day withour classmates. We would like to join with your family in celebrating your child’s birthday with his/her classmates by following these guidelines:

If you wish to have birthday recognition at school please contact your child’s teacher one week in advance to plan a celebration that can include any of the following:

1) Bring a healthy snack such as:

Fresh fruit, dried fruits, or veggies

100% frozen juice or fruit bars

Low-fat bakery items

Pretzels, popcorn (air) or Goldfish crackers

Bottled Water or 100% fruit juice

2) Bring books or crayons, fun pencils, notepads, rulers, or stickers for every child.

3) Donate a book to the school library in your child’s name

4) Invite an interesting guest to speak to your child’s classroom

At this time, we are eliminating the food celebrations that include cupcakes, donuts and other junk foods in order to encourage healthy habits.

Please discuss with the teacher a week in advance the particulars of the celebration so that an appropriate time and place can be selected for the recognition.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations

  1. Dan,
    It’s really hard to manage this when parents show up unannounced with the b-day cupcakes or donuts. As soon as they walk in the door, the kids see them and get excited about the b-day event. What do I do? Do I embarrass the parent and turn them away or accept them??? I certainly don’t feel comfortable enough to send a parent out of my classroom with cupcakes and all. In some occasions, I give the students their donut or cupcake after school to take home.

    • Hello Angelica,

      This is exactly the situation were trying to help teachers avoid. In this case, of course we should acquiesce and give out the treat on their way out the door. As a staff we will continue to educate our parents and gently confront the repeat offenders as the opportunities arise. Btw – feel free to send me one of those donuts!

  2. My kinder parents are already trained. My last four birthday celebrations consisted of 2 with goody bags, 1 with an awesome fruit arrangement, and one with a vanilla yogurt bar with fresh fruit. All my families have responded pretty well, and I do NOT miss the cupcake sugar high!

  3. Just an idea to pass off to parents: One of my parents brought sugar-free yogurt cups (chocolate & vanilla) with whip cream (just a little squirt doesn’t contain that much sugar). The kids really enjoyed it!

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