Final Week of 3rd Quarter Here We Go!!!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Monday – We will have our usual morning assembly outside if there is a break in the weather (30% chance of rain all day, whatever that means) If it is wet around 8:00 AM, WE WILL have a special indoors assembly with Grades 1-3 only.  We will have those students come to the auditorium and line up and remain standing.  It will be brief as usual with one special surprise award for someone in these classes.

Tuesday – School Site Council Meeting at 3:30

Wednesday – PTG Restaurant Night at Islands – Yummy!

Thursday – Walk to School Day – Please work with the PTG to promote this event.  They are hoping to see a larger turnout and offering some prizes to that effect.

Friday – Upper Grade Assembly Times  NEW TIMES, NEW TIMES.  Since we consistently have been going over the 30 minute time limit, please inform your parents that these will be the start times for our assemblies on Friday.

8:30 – 3rd Grade (Herrera, Ferhart/Escalona, Mielke, Evans, Schultze, and Jones)

9:10 – 4th Grade (Sandoval, Basto, Kriss, Maes, Lesiak)

9:50 – 5th Grade (Pembleton, Hale, Fallon, Escamilla)

10:20 – 6th Grade (Dube, Given, Jimeenez, Chan Ricketts, Kelly)


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