EEF Grant Input

I’m turning in the Eastlake Education Foundation Grant this Friday, and fortunately, the EEF now allows us to, once again, use our funds to support the salaries of our Technology Support Personnel.  That will consume approximately $17,000 of our $20,000.  Please give your thoughts on the use of the other $3,000 below.


3 thoughts on “EEF Grant Input

  1. As someone who has ipads in the classroom I find them limiting. We are unable to run any adobe based programs or websites on the ipads and are limited to the app store.

  2. I feel that if we are going to purchase more Macbooks, ipads, or any other pieces of technology equipment that there should be a few things in place.

    1. Organization – There should be a system for checking out the said pieces of equipment in which everyone has an equal opportunity to access the equipment. A few questions to think about are: Where will the equipment be stored? How will the pieces of equipment be checked out? Will there be an easy place for everyone to look at the status and location of the equipment? Will there be a time limit on how long teachers can check out equipment? Perhaps, we can form a technology committee to hash out the details.

    2. Training – Technology is great and can be used to it’s full potential when everyone knows how to use it. It would be great to take a staff meeting and focus on training everyone how to use, for example, ipads or Macbooks to their full potential. Or, at least, at a minimum, have our own staff technology experts share their strategies and excellent ideas with our entire learning community.

    One more thought…
    Why not use the $3,000.00 to finance stipends for teachers willing to teach G.A.T.E. or other programs that focus on brininging technology to our students. This way we can offer G.A.T.E. or other classes all year long, utilizing our current equipment.

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