LASW Cycle for Opinion Writing

Our next steps in writing prompts and LASW are outlined below.  You already knew about the Industrious Prompt, and now we (ILT) are adding the next steps to our process in order to build common practices around LASW and designing quality instruction with the support of Side by Side and 6 Traits resources.  Please see your ILT representative or friendly administrator for clarification.

1.  By April 20: Give Industrious Prompt to all students.

2.  During Collaboration of Apr 23-26: LASW in collaboration.  Bring all papers.  Read 6 random pieces from a grade level colleague.  Sort by 1, 2, 3, 4 using the CVESD draft rubrics for Opinion.

CVESD Opinion Rubrics

3.  April 27: Design Grade Level Lesson based on need (from LASW) utilizing 6 Traits Resource and Side By Side Document.

4.  May 11: Calibrate Local Measures Writing

5. May 18: Reflection on What’s Working and What’s Next in order to plan our 2012-13 instructional focus and subsequent budget plans.

Summary of Notes from Feb 11 LASW on Responsibility in order to gauge student progress in these areas of need.

Grade Level Students Need Trait Focus Potential Texts
Kinder Work on adding details, vocabulary development and varied sentences word choice,organization The Little Red Hen
1st organization – need to state topic, use key words, and demonstrate structure organization  No Recommendation
2nd structure and organization organization The Ant and the Grasshopper
3rd opportunity to practice skills of extracting evidence from text Ideas No recommendation
4th word choice, transitions, explain evidence Tops and Bottoms The Berenstain Bears and the Messy Room
5th stronger transitions and introductions – more thorough explanations Organization No Recommendation
6th Sentence Variety Sentence Fluency The Ant and the Grasshopper The Young Rooster (Arnold Lobel Fable)

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