Class Assignment Timeline

I know everyone is anxious to know about grade level assignments for next year.  We have been working on this, but several factors are being considered before we make decisions.  I wanted to give you a heads up so you all know what is being considered.

1. Based on a primary class size of 25:1 and our current enrollment numbers, the district informed us that we need to eliminate two primary classrooms.

2. Last year we added approximately 24 Kindergarten students in May, June, July so I’m confident we will only need to eliminate one primary class instead of two.

3.  We are getting the final Kindergaten pre-assessments this week to determine whether we will have two or three Dual Immersion in Kindergaten.

4.  I’m meeting with the Kindergarten team this Friday to discuss the Dual Immersion question and the possibility of converting a portion of our Kinder classes to all-day Kinder in order to draw back families that leave us because of 1/2 day Kinder.

So, we hope to have these decisions made by the end of next week and give out the grade level assignments at that time.


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