Budget Input Form


9 thoughts on “Budget Input Form

  1. With primary going 25:1 and First going Common Core I don’t feel like there is as much as a need for equity.

  2. Upper grade equity is in the contract. A plan has to be in place. We worked long and hard to get it and it should stay as is.

  3. My hope is that we will be able to fund KIDCO fully as in the previous years. Our resources have been cut drastically and there appears to be a growth in psychological and social issues in students. Unfortunately these behaviors do not just go away but KIDCO has helped many of the students blossom in the upper grades. We can’t expect students to be successful if they don’t have their basic needs (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs). Not to say it is not possible. There are those few exceptions who are able to deal with adversity, while the majority have a difficult time coping without support.

    Btw: Victoria-what are you doing up at 2:27am?!

  4. While I agree that ALL teachers should have “school time” to do report cards, I think it unwise to advocate for getting rid of a benefit in our contracts. Instead advocate for the expansion of said benefit for ALL teachers.

    I agree 100% with Thuy. I think possibly shifting some money from extended day will help to fund the much needed Kidco program at our school. While after school reading clubs are great, if there is no direct instruction then are we truly helping struggling students? Imagine Learning extended day is beneficial since it frees treachers from having to fit it into their day thereby losing valuable instruction time with EL students.

  5. I had no idea that equity days were a part of our contract. With that being said, then why are site funds being used for the days? And if they are supposed to be used, why is this line item even up for discussion. Breach of contract?

    On another note, KIDCO is crucial and essential in a school of our size with class sizes increasing and teachers being held accountable for new standards…in all, students are feeling the pressure. Clearly, they are not prepared for the pressure and their social interactions in the classroom our adversely affected by these pressures. And, of course, kids will be who they are, and we are at the foundation of teaching them the benefits of positive interactions. I was never a big Lady Gaga fan, but after seeing her campaign about Born This Way; I believe in her mission to impress upon our youth that being different is acceptable. KIDCO supports this idea and gives students the tools to cope with their differences with others.

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