Professional Development ($10,000)

The original proposal calls for 4 ILT days and 8 days of peer observation.  Please share your thoughts in how to best develop Professional Development to improve our practices across the school.  All ideas are welcome.  There are no sacred cows here.  Feel free to think outside the box.


4 thoughts on “Professional Development ($10,000)

  1. Do we need an ILT?
    We have a very talented staff that might benefit from having professional development brought to Salt Creek for the entire staff. For example, we could have an orgnization come to Salt Creek and teach our staff about the fundamentals of project based learning.

    • I’m in agreement with Bill, more professional development in the area of project-based or service learning will be an asset for our staff, especially if this is the direction we’re headed for our school’s vision. Peer observation is a valuable practice, however I’d prefer to spend our professional development $ to further train staff in the area of writing and/or the project-based learning so that we are bringing in outside knowledge to strengthen our current teaching practices.

  2. If we must think outside of the box, then we must go outside of what all of us already know. I concur that extra days observing one another is sticking to the status quo. Let’s embrace new ideas from alternative instructional methods like service learning (which includes project-based learning inherently). Our community loves to donate, so why not get the children involved in that process to make a difference and therefore make a difference in their learning. And for those of us that are English Only teachers (and I LOVE DLI teachers…and you are ALWAYS willing to share), some additional training and ideas would be great too! Any and all training, now that I’m in 3rd grade, would be highly appreciated!

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