Student Work

Traditionally, teachers have sent on portfolios here at Salt Creek.  We have never had a staff discussion about the contents of those portfolios nor what teachers should do with them when we get them.  Since we are receiving portfolios from some grades and teachers, Sylvia and I will be passing them along to the new teacher.


2 thoughts on “Student Work

  1. If we could schedule a discussion about these student folders being passed on to the next grade, whether we’re going to use them, and what to include in them, I think it would be helpful, and perhaps avoid a lot of unnecessary paper shuffling. My suggestion is if the school is really attached to keeping the portfolios, then we simply include an end-of-year writing sample, since it’s not as easily quantifiable, whereas math and reading progress come across quite clearly in numerical scores.

    • Thank you Regina,

      That is a great suggestion. It’s very doable and the practicality and usefulness of having an end-of-year writing sample is undeniable. I’d like to suggest a beginning of year sample is useful as well. Any other thoughts from the masses?

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