New Lunch Schedule

Several schools in Chula Vista have switched to play first – eat second lunch schedules and they have found that student tend to eat more of their lunch with this protocol.  I’d like us to try this on first quarter this year.  Here is the proposed schedule.  I’d love any feedback before we get started in July.

Daily Schedule 12-13


4 thoughts on “New Lunch Schedule

  1. Oh, I am so excited! This works so well at my other school: children are calm, ready to learn after lunch. Very few fake stomach aches that keep the frequent flyers in the health office instead of learning as they should be. I actually can’t wait for school to start! Ok, maybe nothing that drastic, but this a great thing for both teachers and kids. Katie

  2. This could be a good thing, depending on how much time we are allotting for playing vs. eating. At my son’s school, I have not spoken to one happy child or parent about the play first scheduling. The problem is that children are given very little time to play due to the fact that they need to line up early enough to get their food. Some children eat right away and have lots of time leftover, while other children are spending time waiting in line and not having enough time to eat. The other problem is that when children are finished eating, they are not to play again. Instead, they need to sit in line on the blacktop and wait until the end of recess. To me, this is time wasted. Children need to run, play, and be active. As I stated, this could be a good thing. I’d like to see it work for the same reasons Katie mentioned. However, instead of rushing into this, we should definitely take a look at eating time vs. play time, what children will do when they finish eating, finding a way to get students through the lines more quickly, etc.

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