Committee Sign ups

Here are a few positions that are available on our committee sign up:

School Site Council: Robin Jones and Jholei Evans have volunteered for this committee.  That still leaves one teacher position open.

Safety Patrol:  Madeline is willing to take the lead but she is looking for a partner in upper grade to share the joy.

Peace Patrol: Sheri and Robyn are on the bus and they are looking for a few more passengers. This is a very positive and helpful program.

GATE: I have a strong parent committee who want to try some new things and they would be eager to work with some staff members to make their plans become a reality.

Social Committee: Paty and Gayle are heading up this big committee right now.  I mean, who doesn’t love a party?

Did I miss anything else.


4 thoughts on “Committee Sign ups

  1. Peace Patrol: I can help any team members start up Peace Patrol this year by supporting the recruitment and training efforts. I just can’t be the lead. Our past Peace Patrol advisory committee has all of the plans and materials, we just need a lead. Please consider volunteering for this excellent program.

    GATE: I would be willing to help with this committee, I just don’t know my availability for evening PTG meetings. Otherwise, count me in.

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