Tuesday Professional Development

Here is our plan for Tuesday’s Meeting

9:00 Welcome Back and Reconnecting

9:30 Setting the Course for 2012-13

9:45 We will divide into two groups and have discussions on 1) Independent Reading Guidelines and 2) Character Education/Discipline.  Please choose one of these two topics and read the accompanying articles as background for the discussion.

What if the Secret to Success is Failure? (Character Education) – This can only be read online.

Becoming a Classroom of Readers (Independent Reading)

10:15  Independent Reading Alignment – We will be adopting the following sequence of Independent Reading Assessments: BPST, DRA, followed by Scholastic’s Independent Reading Assessment.  We have staff on board who are experts on DRA and the Independent Reading Assessment who can provide the necessary training to bring everyone up to speed.  We will be phasing out RESULTS by the end of 1st quarter.

11:00 Fin


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