That was awesome.  Thanks to all of your for your patience and flexibility during the chaotic lunch scene.  Today was a LEARNING experience.  I have met with the amazing Kinder team today and based on their input we will have a different schedule on Thursday.  Please bear with the changes until we find that sweet spot.  We are going to space out all lunches by another 5 minutes and put Kinder at the end of the day. Here is Thursday’s schedule:

Grade Start Start Eating End
1st 10:45 11:05 11:30
2nd 11:05 11:25 11:50
3rd 11:25 11:45 12:10
4th 11:45 12:05 12:30
5th 12:05 12:25 12:50
6th 12:25 12:45 1:10
Kinder 12:45 1:05 1:30

I will also be purchasing 10 large lunch baskets tonight for those who A) don’t have one or B) have one that is too small.

Flexibility and Feedback are both welcome.




2 thoughts on “Lunchpocalypse

  1. If you are going to be purchasing baskets, think about this idea that someone mentioned to me. Buy baskets that are color coded by grade level, ex. k-red, 1-orange… and make large signs with the teacher name and room number to help students find their baskets easily.

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