What’s the best format for recognizing and rewarding reading achievement at assemblies?

Comments are reserved for grade level input after today’s staff meeting.


9 thoughts on “What’s the best format for recognizing and rewarding reading achievement at assemblies?

  1. First grade enjoys the AR awards and for the younger kids that motivates them to read and starts their love of reading off. We would like to keep them at our assemblies.

  2. Kinder: Dislike the Reading Challenge in its current state. Perhaps it should reflect reading totals from the beginning of the year. Still exploring how to resolve the awards issue (waiting for Renee to join us).

  3. 3rd grade would like to try to have content focused reward recognition at assemblies such as: Super Scientist, Mad Matematician, Astonishing Author, Remarkable Readers,Salt Creek Heroes, Creative Kiddos

  4. I personally like using A.R. all year in my classroom for comprehension and to motivate students to read more. I think 6 weeks of the Reading Challenge is too long and creates unhealthy competition between teachers in same grade level and across grades levels. Together teacher and student should set their individual goals and read only books at their appropriate reading levels. This way students are not competing with other classrooms but with themselves to achieve their individual goals. I like 5th grade’s idea of presenting A.R. certificates and celebrating awards in their classrooms. I agree to add another reading award other than A.R. There is so much great literature that is not included in A. R., especially in Spanish, that the students are missing out on because of the pressure to read only A. R. books during the reading challenge. Third grade has some great ideas as well.

  5. We vote to have AR/Reading goals/rewards given in the class. We’ll invite parents in once per quarter, during the last 2 weeks of quarter.

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