Extended Day

We have budgeted $10,000 for Extended Day and, at this time, I’d like to consider proposals from Grade Levels for the use of this money during 1st quarter.  Here is what you need to include in your proposal:

1) Number of kids served

2) How students are chosen

3) Content Area Focus

4) Instructional Routines employed

5) Days of Week and Time, Proposed Schedule including start and end dates within 1st quarter. (Start no earlier than August 13)

All proposals will be reviewed and feedback from the entire staff will be solicited so that the chosen Extended Day plans will be a reflection of the wants and needs of all staff members.

Here is one proposal that will be considered.

Imagine Learning Extended Day

1) Serves up to 31 students in computer lab

2) Students are chosen based on their CELDT Levels (1-3)

3) English Language Development

4) Imagine Learning Program

5) Four Days a week (Monday through Thursday) 30 minutes before school and after school.  We would start August 13 and go for 4 weeks = Total Hours 16 hours.

With $1,000 we have approximately 100 hours of Extended Day that we can offer.

Proposals are due by Wednesday, August 8th.




4 thoughts on “Extended Day

  1. Frist Grade Proposal
    1) Two groups Group A: 20 Students for Early Reading Interventions Group B: Up to 25 for Advanced Reading Intervention

    2)Students are chosen based on their reading ability and their level of need for reading intervention.

    3) Reading acquisition and comprehension focus

    4) Reading skill games, Comprehension strategies etc.

    5) 2 Days per week (but can do four if necessary for more students) starting ASAP and running until week of conferences. 18 hours

  2. Kindergarten Proposal – 4 groups meeting 2x a week each group for 30 minutes
    1 group meet M, W 7:45-8:15
    2 group meet M, W 2:45-3:15
    3 group meet T, TH 7:45-8:15
    4 group meet T, TH 2:45-3:15

    Thoughts are:
    1. math skills – number sense for low students (this can be possibly be for both english and spanish learners); we can also do 1x a week to serve the higher level thinkers if need be
    2. fine motor skills/handwriting/letters and sounds (building muscles, grips, cutting, etc) – especially good for our non preschool kiddos
    3. beginning readers – quick refresher on letters and sounds and work on blending, segmenting, rhyming, repetative text
    4. emergent readers – hooked on phonics skills/AR when ready

    start August 13 and end at conferences 18 hours total

  3. At this time, I’ve Ok’d the start of the 1st grade Extended Day and Imagine Learning. I’d like to wait for either 2nd or 3rd quarter to implement any Kinder Extended Day

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